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How to Rebrand a Company as the Most Secure in Its Industry Despite a Recent Bankruptcy

LASON Incorporated was at a crossroads. A document management company that had existed since the mid-80s, LASON had recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We were hired to revive their brand.

After analyzing a commissioned brand perception report, we made a determination that – due to the sensitive nature of the information that LASON handles for its clients on a daily basis – they should “own” the brand attributes of security and accuracy.

Most every competitor LASON had at the time was touting their efficiency as a “business process outsourcer.” LASON was in a unique position to be known as the outsourcing partner of choice because of their “unparalleled focus on security and accuracy.” While competitors were beating each other up on price in a commoditized market, LASON was able to capture more healthcare and financial clients because of its security and accuracy procedures and protections.

This new market position (along with their new tagline, “Outsource to the Secure Source”) fit well with the company’s existing operations. A pioneer in global outsourcing, LASON was also a leader in information security.

To really cement the notion of security, we helped LASON construct a global initiative called the “Global Security Force.” Complete with a mascot, worksite posters, and a trackable online training program, LASON was able to gain participation in the Global Security Force from all 4,000 employees worldwide.

Soon after the rebrand, LASON had its most profitable month in its history. They were ranked by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) as #19 in their Top 100 Outourcing Providers worldwide. They also went from an equity valuation of -$17 million to +$136 million in less than 4 years, having been purchased by HOV Services, a global business process outsourcer in 2007.

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How to Redefine a Company and an Industry at the Same Time

Selective HR Solutions approached us because they did not like the way their industry had been defined. They were considered a “PEO” (Professional Outsourcing Organization) and hated the term – for good reason. Unless you were intimate with the industry, PEO was difficult to understand. Essentially, Selective HR provided human resource support and management for small businesses. They wished to redefine their business – and in turn – redefine their industry.

After exploring the needs and wants of their customers and prospects as well as the concerns of employees and independent insurance agents (essentially Selective HR’s outside sales force), everything pointed to one direction. Small business owners did enjoy the services that a PEO would supply them (outsourced payroll, HR support, health and 401k benefits), but the real reason they would hire a company like Selective HR was the protection they would get from employment related liability.

Small business owners are more and more at risk of being sued by an employee or receiving a hefty fine for not complying with ever-increasing government HR regulation. Together, we made the decision to drop the term PEO from the vocabulary and create a new category of insurance called an Employer Protection Policy. Bundled with the services that Selective HR was already providing, the Employer Protection Policy was the first of its kind and revolves around the new market position of protecting America’s small business owners.

This new market position and packaging of services was also a perfect fit for Selective HR’s sales force – independent insurance agents. They could much better understand (and sell) an insurance-based product, versus the abstract concept of a PEO. Within twelve months of its implementation, Selective HR realized a 96% increase in annualized pipeline revenue, an 18% increase in qualified prospects, and a 28% increase in conversion rate.

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How To Reposition One Of Society's “Shadiest” Industries Into a Trusted Source In A Metro Area

Builder’s Exterior Design Inc. approached us with a challenge. They were a siding and exterior renovations company that had little brand recognition and increasing competition after 6 years in business.

After analyzing their service model and discovering their true desire to help and educate consumers through the daunting task of renovating their home, we recommended that they rename their company and reposition their business in the market.

Exovations, Inc. and the new tagline, “We’re Changing Home Exteriors” was born. In a market filled with fly-by-night renovations companies and a “one-size-fits-all” used-car-salesman mentality, we helped position Exovations as the premier exterior renovations company in the area. Complete with a complimentary 12-point home inspection, a variety of products for different needs, and a non high-pressure sales staff, Exovations lives up to its billing day in and day out.

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"The facilitated workshop produced the development of our new brand identity which has been a tremendous success." 
-Ron Risher, CEO - LASON, Inc. - Troy, MI


-Don Rigby, President - Integrated Marcom - Atlanta, GA 


"Steven and the team he brings to the table have helped us tremendously. Under his direction, we have developed a strong brand for our company and a way to truly differentiate ourselves from our competitors.." 
-Tracy Holzer, COO - Insurance Counseling & Management - Atlanta, GA


-Stone Payton, President - Market Mate - Atlanta, GA 


"You were true to your process marquee - you gave 'Clarity' to our 'Chaotic' message." 
-Joel Duncan, Vice President - Selective HR - Sarasota, FL


-Mark Walker, Owner - JM Walker Group - Marietta, GA 


"You have brought our true company personality, philosophy and mission to life through our marketing and advertising. Re-branding our company after five years is scary, but now almost one year after that change, I am very proud what we have accomplished and am excited beyond words what our future may bring." 
-Mary Battle, Founder - Exovations - Cumming, GA


"I sincerely thank you for your individual efforts and those of your organization in researching the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. You have given us some terrific suggestions and given us unbiased views of who and where we are, and where we should be going. You have provided us a much needed impetus, on which we must act." 
-Dan Stuart, GA Lions Lighthouse VP for District 18D


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