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Turning Point Strategies has created a three-phased approach to lead company leaders through the critical internal and external steps needed to brand the organization.

Our Chaos to Clarity System is based on the architecture of today’s most profitable corporations, and is the single most valuable service we offer our clients. By engaging in this collaborative process, we assist you in developing the components necessary to enjoy measurable success in better profits, a revitalized workforce and enthusiastically loyal customers.

Phase I – Discovery (Research and Reposition)
We conduct necessary research to intimately learn the company situation, observe industry trends, target market tendencies and the competitive landscape. We talk to employees, customers, prospects and past customers to benchmark current perception and position of the company. We look for opportunities and threats that present themselves in the marketplace. 

Together, we build messaging and differentiation strategies as the foundation of your brand. Moving forward, your company will have a clearly defined direction, an understanding of your unique value against competitors, a grasp of the wants and needs of your customers, and rallying points to motivate employees. 

After conducting thorough research of your industry, competitors and the company, this Phase culminates in the Executive Repositioning Workshop. This intense event is a collaborative effort with the leaders of the organization and our creative, hands-on consultants.

The Workshop consists of exercises and brainstorms designed to align the core of the business with appropriate and compelling messages that inspire executives, employees, customers and prospects alike. This event invariably becomes the turning point determining the future of your company.

Elements such as the Positioning Statement, Brand Promise Statement, "Main Thing" phrase, and Differentiating Claim are developed in this Phase.

Phase II – Internal Rollout (Retool & Rejuvenate)
By assessing and aligning internal operations, this step infuses the brand position into the organization. Every process, procedure, and product in the business will resonate with the new brand promise. We help develop new programs and processes for all departments company-wide to ensure strict adherence to the brand promise. This is what we call our Touchpoint Tour.

In addition, this is where the Brand Blueprint is developed; a document that looks and feels just like it sounds. This document outlines the new brand and brand promise along with talking points on how to integrate the new, unique value proposition (Differentiating Claim) into an employee's everyday language. No thick binders that sit on the credenza collecting dust. For the Executive, this serves as a visual representation of the brand, hanging on their wall as a constant reminder of the promise they've made to their customers.

Now it is time to motivate all the people in every department to embrace their roles in the rejuvenated company. They learn how important their behavior and enthusiasm are to the success of the enterprise. We develop an “internal launch” program for the new brand platform designed to get all stakeholders excited
about the change. Employees must not only understand the new brand, but also know how they fit into the overall brand promise.

In addition, staff must understand the changes to processes and procedures to better fulfill the new brand promise. A custom training program explains to current and future employees
the importance of the company’s brand promise, how everyone contributes to the promise, and how to maintain it over time.

Phase III – External Rollout (Relaunch & Review)
Now that the new brand platform is developed and the employees are rejuvenated, it's time to spread the word to the marketplace. A plan for launching the company’s new position externally is developed, often including a marketing plan, media plan and PR plan.

We then arrange and orchestrate launch activities. Creative tactics are developed to support the new brand position (ie. website, brochure, etc.)

Once relaunched, the importance of maintaining focus, eyeing future trends, (including threats and opportunities) and staying on top of customer needs is vital. We develop metrics to determine success of new market position. A measurement system designed to continually detect brand “leaks” and measure brand “ambassadors” in the organization is developed. This is what we call "Keeping the Promise."

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