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All too often, consultants produce reams of reports, outlining a new brand platform. Unfortunately, all these reports do is collect dust. The binder first sits on the Executive's desk. Then it moves to the credenza, to the floor and finally to a file cabinet - never to be heard from again. This is not the case with a Turning Point Strategies brand engagement.

We develop The Brand Blueprint - a document that looks and feels just like it sounds.

Brand Blueprint

This document outlines the new brand platform - from a brief description of the competitive environment, to the new messaging (positioning statement, differentiating claim and brand promise), to the "Main Thing" phrase (an organization's reason for being), to statements on how to answer the question, "Why choose us?"

For the employee, the Blueprint allows them to truly understand the new brand promise with talking points on how to integrate the new, unique value proposition (Differentiating Claim) into their everyday language. All too often organizations forget that the success of a branding is tied to the employees - not an ad campaign. If the employee's don't understand and practice it, customers won't be experiencing what they're being promised.

For the executive, this serves as a visual representation of the brand, hanging on their wall as a constant reminder of the promise they've made to their customers. The goal is for it to be used as a filter for business decisions. Any and all business decisions should take into consideration the following question,

"Will this further our brand promise or undermine it?"

The Brand Blueprint is typically developed in Phase II of our signature process, the Chaos to Clarity System.

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