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Think branding is just for the Fortune 500? That you're not big enough to have to worry about branding? Think again - a brand exists whether you want it to or not. Why not make sure your brand is working for you…

Turning Point Strategies helps businesses grow their top-line revenue by establishing what their brand stands for - often called Competitive Positioning. Competitive Positioning is the foundation of your business. Understanding your competitors, the marketplace and your own strengths drives the most important aspect of Competitive Positioning - Differentiation.

Differentiation allows you to communicate with the right target market, with the right message, using the right media. And doing that means attracting more qualified prospects, converting more of those to customers, retaining more of those customers for a longer time, while getting paid a price premium.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Inability to describe difference in the marketplace
  • Can't articulate why a prospect should buy from you instead of your competitors
  • Stuck competing more and more on price
  • Not attracting enough qualified prospects
  • Flattening revenue year over year
  • Margins getting squeezed
  • Not converting prospects to customers

If so, please don't wait - contact us today. Every day you wait, you give your competitors more time to grow faster than you. The time is now - Think Outside The Fishbowl.

Think Outside the Fishbowl

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