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Today’s overburdened CEOs have the opportunity to maximize the value of their organization by making one basic strategic decision - to become a Growth Driven Organization.

Increasingly, demanding customers, relentless competition, thinning margins and a more temperamental workforce have put pressure on today’s business leaders to continue to “up the ante” just to keep pace with the market. According to the CEO Challenge 2006 Survey, a majority of 658 CEOs ranked “sustained and steady top-line growth” and “profitable growth” as their two biggest challenges.

The ability to exponentially grow the top-line has eluded even the most savvy business leaders. Most companies harbor five common misconceptions regarding top-line growth.

The most successful organizations have made one significant commitment. These companies systematically addressed five areas of their business with an open mind, earning them sustainable success, quarter after quarter, year after year.

By addressing these five areas with an open mind, they attract more qualified prospects, convert more of them to customers, retain more of them for a longer period of time, and sell more products to them at a price premium.

Many companies have blinders on when it comes to maximizing profitable growth. They focus diligently on squeezing out as much cost savings as possible (beat up suppliers, layoffs, slash marketing and training budgets, etc.) However, the real opportunity for exponential AND sustainable growth lies in addressing top-line metrics.

We’ve developed a model which illustrates these five areas. It defines the difference between a company’s actual growth performance and the company’s potential growth performance. We call it the Growth Gap™.

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