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The Five Growth Gaps

  • The Prospect Gap™ - The opportunity to attract more qualified prospects.
  • The Customer Gap™ - The opportunity to convert more prospects to customers.
  • The Loyalty Gap™ - The opportunity to maximize the number of purchasing occasions.
  • The Expansion Gap™ - The opportunity to sell additional ancillary products to customers.
  • The Margin Gap™ - The opportunity to maximize the price per purchase.

Most companies fail in at least two of these Growth Gaps. Part of the problem is each Gap has a common misconception that causes an organization to miss opportunities to close that Gap.

While you certainly can begin to close each of the Gaps by focusing on specific areas of the company (for example, improving customer service to increase customer loyalty), the real payoff comes from making the commitment to become a Growth Driven Organization.

The benefit to Growth Driven Organizations becomes clear when looking at the power of multiple improvements. For instance, a 5% increase in each of the 5 Gaps would generate an additional 27% in revenue. A 10% increase causes a staggering 61% improvement.

To learn more about the misconceptions surrounding each Growth Gap and the philosophy to close them, please begin with the Prospect Gap.

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