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Positioning, differentation, messaging - the fundamentals of your brand promise. It doesn't matter how strong or effective they are if they're not supported by operations. This is where many re-brands or branding initiatives fail. To use a tired cliché, it's easy to "talk the talk." What separates successful companies is their ability to "walk the walk."

The Touchpoint Tour assess internal operations - not strictly from an efficiency standpoint like typical consultants, but from the customer perspective. Is the customer experience in alignment with their expectations, based on your brand promise?

All customer touchpoints are considered - even those in the back office. Looking at things from the standpoint of efficiency and cost-savings is fine, but not at the expense of the customer relationship. Processes are changed. Procedures adjusted. Products tweaked. All in the name of ensuring that every process, procedure and product in the business resonates with the new brand promise.

The Touchpoint Tour typically begins in Phase II of our signature process, the Chaos to Clarity System, after the brand platform has been completely developed.

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